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Single Eyewash Station

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 Model Nr: SEWS200
 Size of the Station: 283mm x 120mm x 45mm
 Bottle Size: 192mm x 76mm x 36mm
 Sign Size: 280mm x 114mm
 Weight: 2 Kg


The Eyewash Station is designed as a small, easily installed, first aid facility to safely wash away particles and irritants out of the eye.

Ideal for small workshops or large buildings where multiple sites may be needed for speed of access. It is simple to use, needs no power or water connections and can be placed in any convenient location close to where likely incidents could occur.

It is designed to be used with head bent down, so that the eyewash solution can be gently squeezed into the eye and drain away with the irritants.

The body of the station is a white vacuum formed plastic base to hold the bottle in place, with keyholes in the back for wall mounting. The lid is clear vacuum formed plastic and hinged for easy access. It incorporates a small mirror for patients use.

The bottle holds 200ml of liquid. It is delivered empty to be filled on site with appropriate sterile solution. To this end 5 tamper proof labels are included with the bottle with which the lid can be sealed after sterilization and filling.

On the front of the bottle is a label with instructions for use, and on the back, a label with instructions for sterilizing and, filling the bottle.