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Established in 2008 by Mr Jan Schoeman, Gauteng-based Konamanje Engineering and Shower Projects (KESP™) provides a variety of emergency showers and eyewash stations, manufactured, supplied and repaired in line with international standards, to meet the requirements of the safety industry. KESP™ emergency showers carry a one-year warranty and can be purchased with or without eyewash units.

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Based on KESP’s quality policy, the company has established a set of
quality standards, which it implements throughout the organisation to
ensure that each product leaving the production line is safe and reliable.

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KESP’s emergency showers,subject to its Quality Assurance Programme, are manufactured according to the company’s Project Quality Plan and International Standards.


All emergency showers undergo standard; operating test procedures. Maintenance instructions and installation drawings are supplied to ensure correct installation and maintenance.


KESP self-designs and manufactures all of its own emergency showers and eyewash stations to ensure reliability, practicality and, most importantly, protection for its customers.

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The company’s ½ inch stainless steel valve, designed and manufactured in-house using modern manufacturing and treatment techniques and the best-quality materials, is a testament to KESP’s superior product quality, which remains unsurpassed when it comes to durability.

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All our eyewash units are supplied with dust covers. The emergency showers can be purchased with or without Eyewash units. All our Emergency Showers carry a one year warranty. Based on our Quality Policy, we have established Quality Standards for each product. By implementing these Quality Standards throughout our organization, we ensure the best reliable product is turned out on the production line.


Repairs and Spares for
all makes and models.


We also provide light fabrication of small steel structures and milling turning. 

With us, you do not need to choose a substandard product for a better price!